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2019 AGM

Its the clubs AGM on the 24th March at 6pm the Falcon Hotel, Uppingham. We would love to see you all there! If you have any questions please Email polomanager@rutlandpoloclub.co.uk

Added: 11/03/19

HPA 2019 - Membership

HPA Membership Renewals

All HPA memberships purchased for the 2018 outdoor season or 2018/2019 arena season will expire on 31stMarch 2019. The membership fees have not increased from 2018-2019.

Once again your arena membership equal to your summer membership will be free of charge for the 2019/2020 season. However in you will need to register for arena membership in September, or a later date if you decide to play in the arena. This will be at no extra cost providing you had the appropriate summer membership.

Please be aware when any membership is purchased or renewed the selected ‘Primary’ club will be sent an e-mail to confirm you also have the appropriate membership with them. The status of your membership will appear as ‘Pending Approval’ until your club validates it.

Auto Renewal

If you had set up auto renewal you will receive an e-mail around the 25th March to remind you the money for your 2019 membership will leave your account on 31st March providing we still have the correct details for you.

Please check on the on or after the 2nd of April that you are appearing correctly on the website and contact the office if you have any queries.

Manual Renewal

If you have not got auto renewal you should have already received an e-mail to let you know your membership will expire on 31st March, the e-mail will have contained a link to log-into your account. There is no rush to renew your membership before it expires, please just renew it before you next play. Once logged into your account select memberships and ‘Renew’ to complete the membership form and Pay.

Missed a Season and Need a Handicap?

If you require a HPA handicap to become a full member and were not a member in 2018 but have had an overseas handicap or HPA  handicap in previous seasons, please contact your club and ask them to complete a CV form and send it to the HPA before you purchase your membership as the system will only allow you to purchase chukka membership until your handicap has been set.

Never Had HPA Membership?

Please go to www.hpa.sport80.com and create an account. You will only be able to purchase Chukka, Day, Introductory / Pony Club or Non-Playing membership until you have a handicap. If you have never held a handicap anywhere in the world then you must pass the HPA rules test to be awarded one, please contact the polo manager to arrange taking the test. 

Added: 10/03/19

Concussion Research

We have received a communication from the HPA requesting members complete the following request which has been endorsed by Dr Victor Chua, Chair of the HPA Safety Committee who worked so hard on the new hat regulations. The study is vital into allowing us a greater understanding into concussion. The HPA have completed the survey and stated that all comments and replies are managed with the strictest confidence.

Dear member,

My name is Georgia Arnold and I am a final year MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) student at the University of Cumbria.

I am completing a postgraduate research project as a part of my final year of study. The focus of my research project is the knowledge and attitudes about concussion in equestrian sport. I wish to investigate equestrian athletes’ knowledge and attitudes towards concussion in order to establish whether there is a difference between different equestrian sports and whether there are any gaps in knowledge which might impact rehabilitation from concussion. 

As you are an equestrian athlete within the U.K. and Ireland your views and opinions fit the profile for this research topic. By following the link below, you will see the participant information sheet with more detailed information regarding the research project and what being a participant entails. 

After reading the participant information sheet, you will be directed to a consent form, if you wish to continue with participation in the research project you will be required to give consent at this point. Once you have given consent you will be directed to the questionnaire, which should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 


Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Kind regards, 
Georgia Arnold

Added: 19/12/18

HPA Visa Update - December 2018

Please see the following link to an HPA issued PDF document issued on the 19th December regarding the Non-EEA grooms and players - VISA UPDATE Dec 2018

Added: 19/12/18

HPA - Hiring of Polo Ponies

The HPA have informed all clubs of a legal requirement change in the UK. On 1st October 2018 The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 came into force.

For further details please see the following link below:

Added: 13/11/18

Provisional dates for 2019

We have been working hard planning for next years dates, please find a link below to a PDF containing our provisional dates:
Provisional Dates 2019

Added: 12/11/18

The HPA International Day - 28th July

The HPA International day is taking place on the 28th July at RCBPC, why not go and support if your not playing!

RCBPC are setting aside a car parking area for HPA members to park and picnic provided that they have a HPA Car Pass. There is no charge for cars but you will need a General Admission ticket to get into the event.

Entry to the event is £25 per head. - SPECIAL OFFER: GROUP BOOKINGS OF 12 OR MORE TICKETS – £20 each

Please get your tickets from: www.theinternationalday.com

There will be stands alongside the ground but no stand tickets. It is first come first served.
The HPA picnic lunch tent which is by invitation for lunch will then be open to members for a ‘Happy Hour’ once the Thai Polo Ladies International has started at 5.30pm.


The After Party will be from 7.30pm until 2am. Tickets are £50 each for the evening session or £100 if you wish to have an all day ticket for the After Party Marquee and watch the game from the field side. There is limit of 1200 for the party.

For further details see: www.vanillavip.com

3pm THE WESTCHESTER CUP – Flannels England v USA
5.25pm THAI POLO DIAMOND JUBILEE TROPHY – Flannels England Ladies v The ROW

Added: 28/6/18

The DNRC Auction Catalogue - Sunday 1st July

We are please to share the DNRC Auction & Silent Auction Catalogues in advance of our DNRC charity lunch on Sunday 1st July. Bids can be placed inadvance by contacting Edwin de Lisle on 07711075450 before 10.00 on Sunday 1st July.

The highest bids received will be the starting price for the auction of the various items.

  1. DNRC Auction Catalogue
  2. DNRC Silent Auction Catalogue

Added: 28/6/18

Summer management advice for horse owners

Posted: 16th June 2017
Category: Equine Health

With temperatures set to rise even higher over the next few days, it is important to ensure your horse or pony is able to cope with the heat. Here is some useful management advice to consider during the summer months.

Water and Electrolytes

Your horse or pony should always have access to a clean and plentiful supply of water. During hot weather, their water intake will increase significantly compared to cooler conditions. If there are several horses in a field, ensure there is more than one source of water to so that dominant horses don’t prevent thirsty horses that are lower down the hierarchy from having access to the water trough.

When travelling and competing your horse or pony, always take plenty of fresh water. If you are going on a long journey, make sure you stop regularly to offer your horse a drink and to check that the horse is not overheating. For those that don’t drink well, consider adding apple juice or peppermint cordial to flavour the water to increase their water intake.

Electrolytes are minerals (sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium) that dissolve in the blood and tissues of the body to create a 'salt'.  They help to preserve the correct balance of fluids in the body’s cells and are involved in muscle function and the processing of wastes. Electrolytes are lost daily through sweating, in urine and in faeces and those losses will increase significantly during exercise or competition, especially during hot weather. Deficiencies cause dehydration, impaired performance and may exacerbate clinical problems such as azoturia (tying up).  Adding an electrolyte supplement to your horse's diet will encourage him to drink and help to restore any electrolyte imbalances caused by sweating associated with exercise or travel. After a period of excessive sweating it may take several days of electrolyte supplementation to completely replenish losses. However, electrolytes should not be fed in large amounts if the horse is not fed these regularly. It is recommended initially to add 50g of a balanced electrolyte split between two feeds, or in water (N.B. follow label instructions to avoid overfeeding electrolytes). Some horses may not drink water containing electrolytes, so plain water should also be made available. Electrolytes can also be administered in pastes, which can be useful if given at or after a competition.

Allow horses access to a salt block or receive a daily salt supplement (no more than a tablespoon per day) to allow them to meet their dietary sodium chloride requirements.

Exercise, Travel and Competing

When temperatures suddenly rise, horses will not be acclimatised to working in those conditions and preferably should not be worked during the hottest part of the day. Try to exercise your horse early in the morning or later in the evening, when temperatures are lower than during the middle of the day.

The same applies when travelling – trailers and lorries can become extremely hot, particularly if they are standing stationary in traffic. Unless you have air conditioning or a cooling fan in the horse area of your lorry, your horse can become overheated and dehydrated in a short period of time.

When competing in very hot conditions, allow a shorter warm-up period and be prepared for your horse to tire more quickly. Offer water after warming up, before competing and immediately after competing to reduce the risk of heat related health issues. Adrenaline will also be higher in hotter conditions and horses that are working hard and sweating for prolonged periods will be more at risk from heat stress, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and muscle damage.


Use plenty of cold water to cool horses down after exercise, applied by a hosepipe or using sponges and buckets. Excess water should be scraped off to prevent it from trapping heat on the horse’s body and potentially increasing the horse's temperature, particularly if using buckets and sponges.  Using a hosepipe or buckets of water with ice added will have a greater cooling effect and will lower the horse’s body temperature more quickly.  However, research by Dr David Marlin, who led studies on thermoregulation in the build-up to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, showed in one study that if you are using cold water (15 degrees or less, 5 degrees is ideal), it doesn't need to be scraped off for it to be effective in cooling the horse, particularly horses exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion/heatstroke: it is more important to continuously apply cold water all over the horse's body and it may be 10-15 mins before you may see any effect. It is recommended that the horse be walked for short periods until it has cooled down in order to prevent muscle spasms.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke, also known as heat exhaustion or hyperthermia, is a condition that occurs with horses performing intensive levels of work in excessively hot or humid conditions. When the horse is unable to lose body heat, its body temperature goes up rapidly, causing severe (and sometimes fatal) health issues. Therefore, heat stress must be treated promptly and properly.

Common causes of heat stroke are:

  • Intense/excessive exercise
  • Increased physical stress
  • Obesity
  • Respiratory diseases

Signs of heat stroke are:

  • Heavy breathing/panting
  • Rapid pulse/breathing
  • Excessive sweating
  • Lethargy/restlessness
  • Dark urine/reduced urination
  • Rectal temperatures higher than 103.5°F (about 39.8°C)
  • Reduced/poor performance
  • Abnormal (irregular) heart rhythm
  • Muscle spasms
  • Stumbling
  • Slow recovery after exercise
  • Collapse

If your horse displays any of these signs during periods of extreme heat, it is important to use aggressive cooling methods to reduce the horse’s temperature and to call your vet as it might be necessary to administer intravenous electrolytes. Severe heat stroke can lead to collapse, renal failure, muscle damage, liver damage and laminitis and can be fatal if not treated immediately. Always seek veterinary help if you suspect a case of heat stroke.

Shelter and Insect Protection

It is important to provide adequate shelter with good ventilation to protect your horse or pony from the heat and biting insects. Many horse owners will bring their horses in during the day during the heat of the summer and turn them out at night when it is cooler. Ensure the stable has good ventilation and is as free from dust as possible. If you don’t have access to a stable, ensure there is adequate shade in the paddock, either from trees or by providing a field shelter.

Horseflies and other biting insects can be a big problem at this time of year and it is important that horses are offered some protection from these with fly rugs, masks and insect repellent. Use a well fitting rug that it is lightweight, breathable and light in colour to reflect the heat. Ensure fly masks are fitted correctly and don’t rub or make contact with the horse’s eyes.

It is important to remove manure from fields regularly, not only to prevent worm contamination but also to discourage flies.


Horses with areas of pink skin are susceptible to sunburn and these areas (frequently on the face and limbs) require a high factor sun protection cream to be applied regularly to prevent redness, blistering, discomfort and peeling. In severe cases where skin is blistered or raw, seek veterinary advice.

Repeated skin damage can possibly lead to longer-term problems: thickening and scaling on the surface of the skin (keratosis), which can sometimes transform to skin cancer.

Masks that cover the head and muzzle may provide some relief and fly protection rugs can help shield horses with more widespread sensitive areas.

If you have any concerns about heat-related health issues in your horse or pony, contact your vet immediately for advice.


The Ball Auction Prize Catalogue - 16th June

We are please to share the Star Auction & Silent Auction Prize Catalogue in advance of our ball on the 16th of June, you can place your bids inadvance by emailing treasurer@rutlandpoloclub.co.uk

RPC Ball Auction Prize Catalogue

Added: 13/6/18

DNRC - Charity Polo Lunch - 1st July 2018

The Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre is being built on the Stanford Hall estate, near Loughborough and will replace Headley Court. The Black Stork Charity is helping raise the £300M needed. Please support them and the seriously injured members of our armed forces at this lunch or simply bring a picnic and enjoy the polo.

Details and an application form are below:

DNRC Charity Lunch

DNRC Flyer

DNRC Invitation

DNRC Booking Form
DNRC Picnic Leaflet

Added: 04/6/18


Produced by the United States Polo Association - this video shows you the thrilll,excitement,elegance,majesty and adrenaline of riding flat out on your polo pony. Speed of polo video

Added: 28/5/18

Join us for an Argentine Fiesta, a celebration of the summer! - Rutland Polo Ball 16th June 2018

Join us for an Argentine Fiesta, a celebration of the summer! Relax, have fun with your friends and enjoy a night of revelry and dancing, with a little light fundraising. Compete with your friends to see who the best gaucho is on the bucking bronco, get some great pictures in the photo booth, or bag yourself an amazing prize in the star auction, silent auction or tombola, then dance until 2am! Dinner Tickets* include a glass of Prosecco, canape reception and a 2 course dinner, coffee, dancing until 2am. After Dinner Tickets from 9:30pm include a glass of Prosecco and dancing until 2am. To book please complete the booking form - Click Here to book!

Added: 19/5/18

Postponed - The Mobil and Horsefeeds Cup Tournaments

Postponed - The Mobil and Horsefeeds Cup Tournaments will not be taking place this weekend. Due to the recent period of prolonged rain. We have been unable to access the grounds until last Thursday and with the remaining days we, as a committee feel that we unable to present the grounds to our normal high standards.

There will be club chukka's tonight and this weekend, so please book your requirements with Edward.

Added: 9/5/18

Equine Influenza

We have been notified by DEFRA that they have been informed by the Argentinian authorities of an emerging situation of regarding Equine Influenza in Argentina and they are concerned about ponies that have recently been imported into the UK. A letter from DEFRA is on the clubs website explaining the situation. Letter from the HPA and Welfare Rules Equine Influenza 2018

Added: 8/5/18

Suffolk Polo Club - Mad May Hare Tournament

You are invited to enter the Mad May Hare Tournament at Hare Park on 5th and 6th May 2018. Entry form to be found on the following link - Mad May Hare Tournament Entry Form 2018 .

Please note the Early Bird closing date is Monday 1st May. Teams or individuals accepted.

Please contact Jeremy Allen if any problems or timing issues on 07775 557108. As usual here will be refreshments available.

Please make sure all your players are joined up to the HPA and a club.

Added: 26/4/18

Hurlingham Polo 1875 - Member offer

We have been offered a fantastic Rutland Polo Club member promotion by the Hurlingham Polo 1875 clothing company.   

They are delighted to offer members a 25% discount off their first order*at theww.hurlinghampolo1875.com shop from HP Active to Essentials range or explore their handmade in Britain range, Eighteen Seventy Five.

To Activate this offer, simply enter our club voucher code at the checkout!

Shop online at: www.hurlinghampolo1875.com
Voucher CodeRPCLUB25
Valid Until: 30th April 2018
*Except Team Kits & Polo Whites

The voucher can also be found on the club website at the following link: Rutland - Hurlingham Polo 1875 Voucher

If you have any questions please contact info@kingofgamesltd.com  

Added: 01/4/18

HPA Direct Membership

The New HPA Direct membership Platform is now Live! Please follow the link for all the information you need:

There is a short video which guides you through the process of renewing your membership using the Hurlingham Polo Association's membership system, which can be seen on the following link: https://vimeo.com/262007968/0a88e3e0cd

Added: 27/3/18

Tonight's AGM

Tonight's AGM is still planned to take place, 6pm to start at the Falcon Hotel in Uppingham.

Added: 18/3/18

An exclusive offer from the HPA

An exclusive offer for HPA affiliate clubs and members, do you fancy a full set of bespoke team shirts for just £144, if so click the link to the HPA offer PDF document. - Rutland Polo Club Team Kit Offer

Added: 29/02/18

Trevor North

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Trevor North. Trevor was a big supporter of polo within the Midlands and former owner of Rankboro Polo Club. Our sincere condolences go out to Trevor's family, he will be missed by the polo community.

Trevor's funeral will take place at Asfordby Church, Asfordby, Leicestershire, LE14 3RU on 21st December 2017 at 1pm.

Added: 12/12/17

AGM 2018

The clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been provisionally set for the 18th of March 2018 starting at 6pm, The venue for the meeting will be The Falcom Hotel, in Uppingham. We will send out confirmation and papers nearer the time, please pop the date into your calendar.

Added: 12/12/17

Drinks and Nibbles.

We would like to invite you to a social gathering at The Blue Ball, Braunston, near Oakham - http://www.theblueballbraunston.co.uk/ - on Thursday 22nd February 2018 from 7pm. This is a free to attend event with canapes provided by Emmie. There will be a pay bar and we really do look forward to seeing you all there, bring your friends too!

Added: 12/12/17


Don’t forget the regulations for polo helmets change very soon - 1st January 2018. Please visit the HPA's website - www.hpa-polo.co.uk - for the latest details. We mentioned during the season that Casablanca were developing a new helmet, as have any other suppliers to meet the new regulations. Here is a link to the new Casablanca helmet www.casablancapolo.co.uk/

Why not visit www.polosplice.co.uk to place your order for a new helmet.

Added: 12/12/17

HPA issue warning - Swamp Fever

Please see the following link for details - http://www.hpa-polo.co.uk/warning-of-eia-swamp-fever/

Added: 08/07/17

EMERGENCY First Aid Checklist

Please see the linked document from the HPA regarding what to check in the event of an accident - First Aid Checklist

Added: 08/07/17

Baileys Horsefeeds - Polo Pony Health

Please see the linked document from Baileys Horsefeeds regarding Polo Pony Health and what to check for - Baileys - Polo Pony Health Booklet

Added: 08/07/17

Team Shirts - Graphics

we have created a new page with team shirts as graphics, that can be included in team sheet listings and sent to other clubs if your playing away. If we have missed yours then let us know! - Team Shirts Page

Added: 06/07/17

Club Committee Meeting Dates - 2017

Please view the following link for polo club committee meetings dates and working parties - Meeting Dates and Working Parties

Added: 24/04/17

Rutland Polo Club 2017 Season Update and AGM

Rutland Polo Clubs’ Plans for 2017

Dear all,
I need to tell you of a number of important developments at the club as we look forward to the coming season.  I want to start by describing the essence of the club’s approach:-

Our Mission Statement - We are a warm and welcoming club, offering a high standard of low goal polo for all to enjoy; non-playing visitors, for whom there is no entry fee, are also most welcome.

Our Offer

  • Two long-established, beautifully maintained, boarded grounds, with use of a neighbouring practice ground.
  • Eighteen fun and competitive low goal tournaments, including the prestigious 6 goal Westerby Assam Cup, part of the national Victor Ludorum competition.
  • Much attractive silverware, played for over many years, to be taken home by winning teams.
  • Central clubhouse with bar and lunch marquee, both open to non-members.
  • Five Club Matches and mid-week chukkas played on the main grounds, as well as weekend chukkas and umpire instruction.
  • HPA qualified instructor to help aspiring players through instructional chukkas and developing young players through Cottesmore Pony Club Polo.
  • Corporate days can be arranged and spectators are able to watch play from our stand. 

The club will be holding its AGM at 6.30pm on Sunday 9th April 2017in the Oak Room, upstairs at the Falcon Hotel, Market Square, Uppingham.  The formal AGM will be followed by the Start of the Season Party, which will have presentations of our plans by Tom Collie and Ed Winterton.

Our Summer Ball will have a Hollywood theme and be at Barnsdale Lodge on Saturday 1st July.  Tickets are £60, but £55 for those 25 years and under.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to play and/ or just come and enjoy yourself with us in 2017.  Membership rates remain unchanged and we hope you will find our offer attractive.

Kind regards,

Simon Marlow-Thomas, Chairman Rutland Polo Club

Added: 13/03/2017


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Clothing Range

Rutland Polo Club has teamed up with Akuma to bring you some exciting items, follow this link for more details - Rutland Polo Club Clothing Range.

Added: 2013


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