Minutes of meeting held at Edmondthorpe Social Club, 6.30



Welcome from the Chairman.

Apologies from: John Tinsley, David Chubb, Nick Woodhouse, Chris Tye, Niamh Tye, Alex Ross- Wilson, Camilla Ross-Wilson, Susie Tittensor, Ed Winterton, Sophie Weatherby

Attendees:  Rupert Heggs, James van Oppen, Paul Girdham. Trevor North, Joe North, Andrew Collie, Jane Winterton, Henry Browne, Edwin de Lisle, Johnny Weatherby, Anna Hunt, Robert Dale, Col. Gilks, Tina Browne, Juliette Brasher, Martin Reason, John Holroyd, Sue Holroyd, Katie Holroyd, Danny Carrol, Tara Derry, Henry Gilks, Julian Deeming, Robin Abel-smith, Di Abel-smith, Tom Collie, Marcus Collie, Felicia Collie, Jane Collie, Clare Mead, Lesley Maxfield Gullet, Paul Maxfield Gullet, Hugh Crouch, Ronnie Anker, Fred Hughes


Minutes of 2008 AGM – matters arising, none


Insurance – Piers Plunkett addressed the meeting on the subject of Personal Accident Insurance.  He told the meeting that they all play a dangerous sport, insurance is your last thought, does anyone know whereabouts in the Blue Book the paragraph on Insurance is?  The HPA pay £26 each for £5m liability cover. 

The policy Lycetts are offering at club level is for £50k personal accident cover for £80 ea.  HPA won’t endorse this until all clubs are in agreement.

Temporary disability at £125 a week for 2 years.  Dental cover is £1k.  There is a 2 week delay before payment.

We need to start somewhere, in 2years the cover will be better.

So far Guards and RCBC have adopted this, Cirencester, Beaufort will from Apri1st.  Knepp, Druids and Haggis Frm will be taking it up.

Player to player insurance does not exist.

** No other team sport has player to player (inc Ice Hockey in the USA)

The underwriter is Sagicord (part of an American Institution.

It is a world wide Policy.  HPA insurance runs from 1st January every year.


The HPA provide Public liability insurance for £5m but only if your passports have been over-stamped by the HPA. The over-stamping of passports is so that the HPA has a record of all ponies playing.

£80 is the minimum the underwriters can offer for the total 3,200 membership of the HPA.

Rupert Heggs thanked Piers Plunkett for coming. He then asked the club to vote .

Result:  For 16   Against 3


Chairman’s Report. 


There have been many changes since last season. We have a new Chairman, Vice-_Chairman and Treasurer. The new Polo Manager is Joe North, Henry Browne is events manager and Hugh Crouch is doing the website.

We must pull together and make a profit of £5,000.  We intend to have a lot of fun. Chukkas will start on April 18th.  . The Arena will be available if the weather is not fit.  Wednesday Chukkas will be played at both the club and Ranksboro. Rutland Wednesday chukkas will be run by Lesley Maxfield Gullet and Tom Collie. Please leave your requirements on the chukka line by 2pm, or turn up by 5pm.  Saturday chukkas will be run by Rupert Heggs and Paul Girdham.

The Ball – we want to get 180 people this year.


Treasurer’s Report.


 Paul Girdham said all members have had a copy of the figures.  He has the following comments:

Page 3 Turnover down, we made a loss of £808.

Page 4 £6k still owed to creditors, but we have £3k in the bank, debtors nearly all gathered in.

Page 5 depreciation up £1k, Clubhouse cost approx £9k

Page 6 Motor Vehicles should read Trophies. Creditors will not ask for their money back (RH & TN) at this time. Enough for first rent payment

Bar not much profit as 3 people had to be trained to be licence holders.  Maybe have volunteers and not so many paid helpers. Juliet brasher offered to help out.

Martin Reason said that tariffs should be applied with support of committee.  Hugh asked about the direct labour, this sum includes mowing, hole filling and helpers, Tom Weaver etc.

PG said he’d be tougher this year. John Holroyd asked if the rent was negotiable, Ronnie Anker said that we are getting extra grounds included in this cost.


Polo Grounds.  Trevor North thanked Ronnie for the extra grounds. These will be of benefit to the club although there will be a bit more cost on mowing.  Grounds are being tested so we can feed them where necessary, clover et. This will include Ronnie’s grounds.  Ronnie offered to do this testing for us. We must keep our reputation for good grounds There will be working parties thro’ the season for sanding etc.

Working party Dates so far:  No 1 - 14th March at Ranskboro to paint the Rutland boards,  No 2 - 4th April on the grounds. 


Subscriptions.  Paul Girdham said that although the full rate has gone up to £760, those paying this will get a 33% discount on entry fees.  Juniors are at £295 but receive 25% discount.  Half membership is now available.  Also Chukka membership and Family

Please can we have these as early as possible – payment by cheque.  Direct Debit is possible.


Election of the Committee. 1/3 rd of the committee to stand down each year

Henry Browne – proposer Tom Collie  2nd Johnny Weatherby

Joe North -  proposer Johnny Weatherby  2nd Katie Holroyd

Andrew Collie  proposer – Martin Reason  2nd Edwin de Lisle

Rupert Heggs  proposer  - Edwin de Lisle  end  Joe North

Trevor North  proposer  - Johnny Weatherby  2nd Martin Reason

Edwin de Lisle  proposer Rupert Heggs  2nd Trevor North

Paul Girdham  proposer  Rupert Heggs  2nd Robin Abel-Smith


Sponsors:   All sponsors to give prizes for their own tournament

Current annual sponsors: Sandicliffe,  Hanson Aggregate, Pol Roger

Berkeley Insurance sponsoring the Assam Cup for this season, Polo Splice sponsoring the Rutland Cup (as last year) The Collie cup (Jane Collie) Preston Lodge Bowl (Johnny Weatherby), the Ruddles Cup )The Melton/Martin Reason).

The Red Cross are hosting the charity lunch on Assam Sunday for a fee of £1000.


Fixture List – now on the web


Social – Henry Browne has arranged the following:

24th April  Pre-Season drinks party at Copt Hill Farm

16th May  The Ball at Barnsdale Lodge Hotel

? June  tba

12th July  Assam weekend party

30th August End of season awards, and drinks party at Preston Lodge

There will be some post match BBQ’s if people would like these.

Lunch in the clubhouse once a month at £20,(members receive a 25% discount if booked in advance)

Wine tastings for social members

Query – do parents of players get a discount on social membership? No.

Martin Reason suggested contacting the hunts to promote the lunches, maybe put an ad in the Footslogger, (he will discuss this with Anna) also Quorn and Belvoir

Newsletter- Niamh Tye has offered to write a monthly newsletter, which could be put on the website.


AOB.  Hugh Crouch asked if his father would be allowed to come on to the grounds and watch him play?  This was agreed.

First Aid.  Anna is arranging a Polo First Aid course in the spring, the following are interested:

Sue Holroyd, Tina Browne, Felicia Collie, Johnny Weatherby, Paul Girdham, Rupert Heggs, Bridget Heggs, Tara Derry, Jane Winterton, Bridget Heggs, Juliette Brasher, Hugh Crouch


The meeting adjourned at 8.25